Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The American Cancer Society

I have been extremely busy and have not had time to add any cards.  So sorry.  I have a few to add in the next day or so.

I just wanted to let any readers know that my daughter, Trisha Berquist, is an RA at college this year and her team is doing a fundraiser for Breast Cancer.  She has about 1 more week to collect.  What makes this more important to me is that I just found out that my youngest sister, Karla, has been diagnosed this last week with breast cancer.  Under these circumstances, I just feel the need to offer you an opportunity to donate.

Click on "Search for Walker" and enter Trisha Berquist and click Find. It will bring her up and you just click on Donate and it will take you through the process.

Thank you for any donations and also your prayers for my sister.


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