Sunday, August 4, 2013

Embossing Folder Kiss

I recently shared a technique using two of my favorite things – embossing folders and dies.  Today’s technique once again uses an embossing folder but in a complete different way.  You may have heard of the Kissing Technique, using two different stamps.  Today’s technique, Embossing Folder Kiss, is similar except you are kissing your stamp to an embossing folder.

Solid Stamp
Embossing Folder
Two Die Based Inks

Apply one ink to your stamp image.  Then apply the other ink to the inside of the embossing folder.  Press the stamp onto the inked folder and then stamp it on the cardstock.  The stamp will pick up the ink from the folder, transferring the folder pattern to the stamp.  This creates lovely decorative cardstock.

In this sample I used the lighter LuLu Lavender on the stamp.  Then I applied the Sweet Plum to the embossing folder.  Notice that there are lighter flowers and darker flowers.  The lighter flowers were created by applying the ink to the raised side of the embossing folder so the dark ink from only the tiny raised flowers transferred to the stamp.  I stamped the darker ink on the opposite side to create the darker flowers.  The darker ink transferred to the stamp, leaving the lighter ink where the floral design was indented.

Here is another sample using the same stamp with Dandelion ink and kissing it to a Swiss Dot embossing folder with Tangelo ink on the raised side.  After stamping it all over a piece of white glossy cardstock, I stamped a second smaller flower image in the Tangelo.

This was perfect to use on this card with SNS’s new Dahlia set.


The size of your solid stamp image also determines what affect you get.  In this sample I used a solid background stamp inked with light blue and an embossing folder inked with pink to create the entire background.

For this sample I used a stamp with three solid rectangles, using the rose ink on the stamp and brown ink on the embossing folder.

This is a really fun and easy technique with so many possibilities.  It works best if you re-ink the stamp and folder each time.  I will certainly be doing more of this.

Have a great week!!

E. Marie

Peony 2 [3476-429C] (also on Stamp Set 429 – Blossoms [00-429P4])


Donna Ellis said...

Oh my! I've never heard of your technique, Marie. It sure makes a beautiful card, and wonderful potential. Thank you for the great tutorial! hugs, de

Shona Erlenborn said...

This is awesome Marie, thanks for the detailed tutorial, I love the effect you achieved. Will be definitely giving this a try.

Brenda said...

I'm always inspired by your creations. I've done this, but as with everything else - I forget. Thanks for the reminder. You rock!