Friday, August 2, 2013

Embossed Frame

I did a lot of traveling and visiting with my sister the last month so I kind of put my blogging on hold.  That is why you haven't seen a lot lately.  Well, it is time to play catch up.  I did several posts at Sparkle N Sprinkle, including a few Technique Tuesday's, while April was on vacation.  I thought I would share some of these here.

This card uses a technique that involves two of my favorite tools – Embossing Folders and Dies.  Embossing folders add so much to a card but sometimes you would love to just have embossing around a sentiment or image without having to layer it.  This technique allows you to do that.

Cardstock (for card)
Thick Cardstock (for template)
Die Cut Machine
Embossing Folder
Die Cut
Rubber Embossing Sheet

The first step is to create your frame template.  You do this by die cutting your thick/heavy piece of cardstock in the center or where you want the framed area.  Depending on the thickness of the cardstock, you might have to do this to two layers and glue them together.

Now you can place you cardstock that you want to emboss into the folder.  Layer your frame template on top of the folder and run through your die cut machine.  You may want to tape it in place so that it doesn’t move.

This will produce an embossed piece of cardstock with a smooth area where the frame window was.  You can use it like this but if you want a more distinct framed area on the cardstock you will want to proceed to the next step.

Place the die cut that you used for the frame template into place over the framed area and tape into place with removable tape.  Run this through your die cut machine as if you were going to die cut it except use the plates you use for an embossing folder and add the rubber embossing sheet between the cardstock and the cutting pad.  For example, if you use a Cuttlebug, use you’re “A” plate, a “B” plate, your cardstock with the die (cut side facing up), the rubber embossing mat, and another “B” plate.  The rubber mat keeps the die from cutting through the cardstock and leaves a nice embossed frame design instead.

I like to add some color and my image before removing the die.

Here is how it looks when you remove the die.

I added color, a sentiment, and a bow.  Here is the finished card again.

E. Marie

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Donna Ellis said...

Interesting technique! Your roses almost resemble stained glass! Love the basket weave surrounding the roses. Great tutorial, and wonderful shading. hugs, de

Gerlinde said...

Love your color combo and the ribbon in two shades! Gorgeous!