Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

This is a bit late but our day didn’t quite go as planned.  Right after I posted last night, my daughter, Trisha, told me she was feeling very ill.  I had to run out to the only store that was open to get her some medicine,  but right after she took it she began to throw up.  Her stomach was really hurting and after five hours of constant vomiting, we headed to the emergency room.  We were very luck that there were hardly any other emergencies and we only had to wait around fifteen minutes.  They ran some tests, gave her medicine to settle her stomach, and gave her fluids through an IV since she was already very dehydrated.   They could not find anything wrong and decided that it must be food poisoning.  As relieved as we were that there was nothing seriously wrong, we were not sure their diagnosis was correct since we had all eaten the same things all day.  We came home at 7:00 this morning and crawled into bed.  She is better now but very weak.

Needless to say, our day was a bit different.  We slept in and decided to skip the Christmas dinner.  We will enjoy our meal tomorrow.  We did spend a nice time together in front of the tree, reading about the birth of Christ in the book of Luke, and opening gifts.   Sarah’s boyfriend, Brett, joined us.  Now Trisha is sleeping, again, and Sarah and Brett are busy playing with her new Wacom Create Tablet.  I am relaxing and enjoying my first cup of coffee from my new Mr. Coffee Single Serve Brewing System (made by Keurig).  I have wanted one of these for a long time so was very grateful to my daughters for giving me this.

Well, it is time to make all my Christmas calls to family members, since my parents and siblings all live far away.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas day, hopefully a little calmer than ours.

E. Marie


April said...

So sorry to hear about Trisha. I hope she gets better very soon. I know you were really worried. Take care and will see you soon I hope!

2peasinapod said...

I am so sorry your daughter was sick on Christmas. The main thing is that you were together and you still were able to give Christ the credit for the season. That is awesome! Most people would have griped and complained. Wishing everyone is feeling better tomorrow and enjoying each other.Luv and prayers Brenda

Sandra said...

Hi, I'm so too Sandra H

Donna Ellis said...

Marie, may Trisha soon be feeling well, and may no one else in your home catch that nasty germie! God bless you! hugs, de