Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Joys of Christmas Eve

Well, the house is decorated, the shopping is done, and today we just laid low and finished last minute details.  I had a few gifts left to wrap and the girls decided they wanted to do some baking.  Since they are both pretty much on their own they think they know it all, but after leaving them on their own in the kitchen, they finally came and asked for help.  The terms “cream the butter” and “sift the flour” were a bit confusing for them but after a little explanation and demoing, they did amazing.

Then came the decorating. 


They always get creative and humorous when they get together and it was just fun to watch.  After a while they begged me to come help finish and it went very quickly. 

We have a family tradition of making a cookie call a peppernuts.  You have to roll out the dough, snip it into bite size pieces, and bake.  It takes a long time and is pretty messy so the girls decided they would rather make another favorite cookie that my husband’s mother made every Christmas.  It is a delicious molasses cookie, and though we had never made them ourselves, the girls did a great job and my husband was thrilled.

Well, the baking is done, though I will probably still throw together some fudge.  Now for another family tradition – putting together a jigsaw puzzle.

Hope you are enjoying your time with family and friends as much as we are.  Have a wonderful Christmas!!

E. Marie

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April said...

All of these look soooo yummy! Al has eaten 3 pieces of carrot cake today!